Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When bishop dismisses sacrament meeting 5 minutes early:

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When you're in ward council and someone suggests that another auxiliary should plan the christmas party:

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When the primary president comes and gets you before sunday school asking if you will substitute for primary:

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When someone starts off their talk with "so i got a call from a member of the bishopric asking me to call him back"

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How you think you look at church dances:

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How you actually look:

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When its your birthday in primary and you get a pencil AND a sucker:

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When someone spends 15 minutes telling a completely irrelevant story during testimony meeting:

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When President Monson gets up and you know its story time:

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When I tell the sunday school president i'm going to class:

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When your kid tries to backflip over the pews:

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When you tell a funny story during your talk and no one laughs: 

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When the EQP starts lecturing about doing home teaching... again: 

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That guy in the front row when you're giving a talk:

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The guy that gets up every month to bear his testimony before everyone else:

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When the new convert gets up to bear their testimony:

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When i go to sunday school:

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Every month in testimony meeting:

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When someone gets up, bares a 30 second, heartfelt testimony with no stories:

When Bishop calls you to teach the sunbeams:

When people start talking about made-up doctrine in sunday school:

Missionary age lowered to 18?!

When someone starts arguing politics in sunday school:

Home teaching:

When you're 16 and she said yes to a group date:

"Refreshments will be served"

No refreshments:

Reading Isaiah:

When the kid you taught in primary goes on a mission:

When you tell your kid not to run around the church, and then they get hurt:

Stake President: "congratulations, you get to speak in stake conference!"

Elders Quorum:

After you decide you're going on a mission:

When your wife asks you to go change the kid's diaper during church:

When you see your inactive friend show up at church:

When you're 14 and see your crush in the hall at church:

When that old lady takes 30 minutes to tell stories during testimony meeting:

When you come home from church and realized you forgot to turn the crockpot on:

When you're the only one who shows up 30 minutes early to set up chairs:

When your friend gets called to be in the bishopric:

When someone tells an inappropriate joke in church:

When you ask your kid how all the cheerios ended up smashed on the floor:

When someone in their talk says that caffeine is against the Word of Wisdom:

When the new, very enthusiastic, home teachers come over:

When someone makes a witty pun in their talk:

Listening to Elder Holland's talk:

First time at a single's ward:

When you get home after 9am church: