Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Pictures August 2011

A few weeks ago we had our super talented friend Christy take some family pictures for us. I wanted them to be meaningful of this time in our life so we headed up to the Vanderbilt campus to snap some pics. They turned out super gorgeous and I am so happy with them! Jackson is usually in the most smiley mood early in the morning so we headed out around 6:45am hoping to get some adorable shots. Well we did get some adorable shots, but not many smiling, what a little stinker :) 

These are some of my favorites, enjoy!

I love his face in this one!
But then he caved and broke out the smile :) 

This one totally makes me laugh! I can hear him saying "Mom, not in front of the camera, that's embarrassing!"

Since these pictures I've cut about 10 inches off my hair, so pictures to come. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jackson's Baby Pics!

Hey everyone!

We got Jackson's pictures back from our great friend Christy. You can check out her awesome photography work Here. Anywho, here's the pictures:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Baby Shower

Today was my baby shower and it was wonderful! My fabulous sister Katie hosted it and she totally out did herself with all the fabulous food and gorgeous details! 
It was so fun to celebrate being pregnant and the coming of this little guy!

Gorgeous mums... My sister always does the prettiest arrangements.

She made darling little garlands out of fabric and ribbon. The pendant banners were made by my sister Beth :)

I love candy so Katie wanted to incorporate it into the food and decorations. Not  only did she pick pretty colored candy she let me pick so it was all stuff I love. 

More yummy candy and gorgeous flowers!

The food table. I didn't get a great picture of the food table but trust me, it was pretty and super delicious.
The menu:
Chicken salad sandwiches on homemade rolls
Pasta salad
French Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Oreo pops
Mini pie pops
Mini Orange sodas and Ginger Ale

At this little table she had everyone make the baby's first ABC book. It turned out super cute and I love that I had something that everyone made to bring home.

Katie made these great mobile decorations, I think I may have to hang one in the nursery :)

Yummy, and darling Oreo pops

Mini peach pie pops. Aren't these just too cute?

I adore this! Katie made me a diaper cake using her favorite kind of diapers  and the cutest little Mario topper. He is sitting happily in the nursery :)
(he fell off in the car and when I couldn't find him Brandon said, "Don't worry babe he probably just went to look for coins." I have a pretty funny and cute husband huh)

Julee Phillips and me

Ashley Proctor and me

Carly Byram, me, and Angie Day

Christy Williams, me, Nada Payne, and Julia Swinton

Ashley gave us a Mario coin bank, he is also happily hanging out in the nursery :)

How cute are these little shoes?!

The sweet hostess and me

Julia and me.
Julia is due just a few days before me

Katie even had decorations outside the front door

This is what it looked like when you walked in. So pretty!

I am so grateful for my sweet sister and wonderful friends! 
Now that we've had the shower the next thing I am looking forward to is the due date :)

Brandon and I keep joking that our little man can't come too early or Brandon won't be done with school stuff yet! 
A quick update on Brandon and school... It's finals right now so Brandon is pretty darn busy and a little stressed. But he is doing well and studying hard. After finals are over Brandon will be applying for the Law Journal. It's a pretty big deal and really important when it comes time to find a job. You have two weeks to write and research the topic they give you, which if I understand correctly comes in a 200 page paper format. Doesn't that just sound like heaps of fun ;) I am sure he will do great at it though!
After that he will be working at the Nashville Public Defender's Office for his summer internship. He is excited about it and it is a big blessing for us since it's right here in Nashville and the schedule is flexible and not near as strenuous as a firm job. 
Life is good and we are very blessed!

Pictures of the nursery coming soon :)