Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guest Post!

I figured since my name is on the blog as well, I might as well indulge all of you and post from time to time. So, prepare for incredibly exciting, insightful, and generally all-around amazing posts (by Anna!) and mundane and lame posts be yours truly. So, since I haven't really thought much about what I'm going to say, y'all are just going to get some bullet points.
  • Family. As most of you are aware, and as our niece Sarah commented today, Jackson is the "cutest little boy ever!" And HOW! He smiles incessantly, laughs constantly at all of our lame antics, and is a light and blessing to our family. This past week he learned to crawl, and he's been practicing by crawling everywhere every chance he gets. He's also learned to pull himself up, and figured out that he can turn the Xbox on all by himself (maybe we'll start teaching him how to work the controller next week!). This weekend we decided to take a trip to Beth and Mike Johnson's house (Beth is Anna's oldest sister) in Belleville, Ill. For those of you who haven't studied small-town Illinois geography, it's just east of St. Louis, MO. It's been great to get away from home for a few days, kick off my spring break (which will be spent studying and editing, see below), and have some quality family time. 
  • School. As Anna posted about previously, I've been pretty busy with school. They say that in law school, the first year they scare you to death (check!), the second year they work you to death (check!), and the third year they bore you death (score!). In addition to classes (Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law II, Securities Regulation, Secured Transactions, and Accounting for Lawyers) I've been working on a paper that is going to be published soon, and I'm taking on a role as Senior Technology Editor for Vanderbilt's Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law. It's been quite a bit of work this semester staying up with everything, but it's been very rewarding and I've learned a ton. 
  • So, that's all I've got for now, but for those of you who have made it this far, here's some pics of the cutest little kid ever!

-- Brandon