Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging

I have been meaning to blog more, I really have, but haven't for a few reasons. The biggest being that we really have nothing blog worthy going on, just "waiting" to move it feels like. Anything exciting going on in our life is actually not in OUR life, it's in our families lives'. Like my sister's having babies or getting married, and those should be things they blog about, not me right? And Blogger hasn't been letting me upload pictures lately and a blog post without pictures is boring and lame so even if we did have anything interesting going on there would be no pictures to accompany it and that is just sad panda as Brandon would say : ) See picture below, if you don't really get why it's funny that's ok, it's totally a nerdy geek thing : )

I uploaded this picture from the internet which is why it actually worked : )