Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I haven't blogged about...

Okay so it's been six months since my last blog post...
so what right?

There has been lots going on in the last six months,
and it's all been really wonderful!

Here it is...

1. We're expecting! I'm due May 28th with a little boy, yay! We are so excited to become parents and have loved getting ready for it all! I have loved being pregnant, it's been a truly amazing experience and I can not wait for our little man to get here.

2. We also found out our best friends here in Nashville are also expecting! I think I was giddy about this for weeks afterwards! They find out if its a boy or a girl in about a week.

3. Christmas- We spend Christmas with the Trouts last year. It was a great time! Then we headed over to Colorado for a visit with my family. Which was also a great time! While we were there Beth and Mike were sealed to their super darling little boy Caleb, and Emma was baptized. It was wonderful to be there for such special events.

4. For Christmas we chose a them of homemade gifts. Peter and Carissa drew our name and they made us a baby book! Seriously best. gift. ever! It is all scrap booked from the day of our little man's birth through every holiday in the first year, up to his birthday. Pretty cool I think.

5. Brandon applied for summer internships. What an adventure! We have been so blessed and he was offered a job at the public defender's office here in Nashville. He is really excited to start work in June.

6. Nashville actually had a real snow storm. Here in the South they cancel just about everything if they even think it's going to snow. So the fact that it actually snowed and it was kind of a lot was a pretty big deal. It took Brandon about four hours to get home from downtown, it's usually about a 20 minute drive. Pretty crazy.

7. We took a trip to Atlanta. With absolutely no pictures to show for it :) We drove over on Monday of Brandon's spring break, shopped til we dropped at Ikea (I love that store!), had a really yummy dinner at a "hipster" restaurant, at least that's what Brandon called it :), and then drove back the next day. It was the perfect little getaway.

8. I started working at, and have since already stopped working, at a daycare. It was a really great experience and I am very excited and grateful to be able to stay home with our baby.

9. Had a sleepover with Aubrey and Carter. They are both really good sleepers so this actually went really well and was a blast! Being the nervous aunt I am, I was up every 30 minutes to check on them. They never even woke up. Oh well :)

10. My mom and Emma came for Spring Break and Time Out for Women. It was a great weekend and I loved it! Time Out for Women was truly inspiring and amazing. I walked away feeling uplifted and reminded of my many blessings.

So there you have it. Life is pretty darn good. So grateful for the wonderful life we have, this new little baby headed our way, and all of Brandon's hard work in law school.

P.S. Tried to upload lots of pictures but it didn't work so I'll try again later.