Saturday, July 4, 2009


So Brandon and I have already discussed if it is possible to elope to the temple! Being engaged is fun but definitely over rated. There are SO many more decisions to make than anyone every warned us about. We are still so excited though! My wonderful Mom and sisters have really taken over the most stressful details of all the planning, so I guess we shouldn't complain : )

We've been working up in Fort Smith Arkansas this last week and staying in hotels up there. It's been really nice not to have an hour long drive home after work. Brandon's sales are going well and he's staying motivated.

My dress came in the mail on Wedsenday which is very very exciting and it is beautiful! I love it and am starting to look at ideas for my hair, veil, jewelry, and makeup.

Brandon is in charge of finding housing and he is doing a great job! We think we may have found one we like, and he is really excited about it, which makes me more excited! He's super stoked to not only marry me, but to not have to room with five other dudes!