Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Update

So I haven't been great (alright I haven't even been good) about updating our family blog at all. 
But I'm working on it. 
I am thinking just a monthly update would be good. It would give me a little bit of a posting schedule but it isn't too often. Any more than that will just be a cherry on top :) 
So with that, enjoy some pics from our month.

Jackson finally got a high chair. I know it's super lame we haven't gotten him one before now but it never seemed urgent and then one day it was. I was chasing him down to feed him. And this led to neither a happy momma nor a happy baby. So we got a high chair and now we have both :) 

Speaking of chasing. He is full on mobile. He has been army crawling for months but he "for real" crawled last Saturday and it was awesome. The elders were over for dinner so they got to witness the splendor, excitement, and full on spaziness of him crawling and me witnessing it. (Jackson was the splendor and excitement portion, I was the spaz)
Crawling has led to pulling up on things, which as led to many things being pulled off shelves. I'm not sure which makes me more crazy, all the DVDs on the floor or cleaning them up um-teen times a day.

Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's Day and I love having a little person to celebrate it with! 
He may not get it yet but it was fun. We gave him a cute little letter book and he showed his love and appreciation by sufficiently chewing it. 

Brandon had class on Valentine's Day so we celebrated the weekend before with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, a favorite of ours, and then watched a chick flick :)

Brandon did make me breakfast in bed, which was delicious, and programmed my laptop to pop up with a love note when I open it. He's a nerd and I love him for it :) 

Jackson is basically a musical prodigy. 
The piano may or may not be programmed to play a certain song no matter what keys you hit but either way, I think he's pretty darn talented ;) 

Yet another tooth! Ice cream cone to sooth teething woes? Works for me.
P.S. He also got his first ear infection. Nothing like a sick baby to rock your world :) 

This one totally shows Jackson's attitude about food :) 

And last but certainly not least, Daddy and Jackson's newest game... 
Riding in the laundry basket. 
They both love it and I think it's pretty stinking cute,
of both of them :) 

Brandon has had a little bit of a break with school. Not actually a break but things are definitely slower now than they have been for months so we are enjoying weekends and family time. We always have big goals for the weekend of things we'll get done but we usually just take it easy and play. I'm good with that.

Brandon's Law Journal Note is almost done. He sent it into editing a few weeks ago (hence the break). He has worked so hard on it for the last few months and I couldn't be prouder. It'll be published in the Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law in early Spring. 

He was selected to be the Senior Technology Editor for the Journal for next year and he's really excited about it! Being on the board is a big deal as far as impressing future employers so I am hoping it does the trick :) 

Brandon was recently called to be the Ward Mission Leader and he is loving it! We love having the Elders in   our home and love being able to work with investigators and new converts. Such a blessing to see the gospel bless lives.
I'm still serving as the Activity Days leader and I love that too! The girls are so wonderful! They are open hearted, talented, sweet and such wonderful examples of faith and love. They all adore Jackson and it's so fun to see them love on him.

 Hope this month has been as good for you as it has for us. 
We feel so blessed to be enjoying this wonderful time in our lives.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

His first tooth

Jackson got his first tooth today! (I'm pretty sure he's been "teething" for months :) 
I am so excited for him because I know it's growth. I know that as he gets more and more of his little teeth he'll be able to enjoy more foods and try new things, and I love that for him. 

But it does make me a little sad. Why? Because I love his little gummy smile, and it's gone forever now and that leaves me with just a little twinge of sadness. But enough of why it's sad it's happy for more reasons than it's not! One reason is because "teething Jackson" is also "cuddly Jackson". Jackson is a momma's boy all that way, (and I not so secretly love that and hope it never changes, please like me when you're 16 Jack, pretty please!), so he cuddles with me all the time. However it doesn't happen for Brandon very much so he was loving it!

I snapped this quick picture of the two of them on the couch today. (why yes that is a remote that he's chewing on, whatever works :) 

The first time momma in me is also excited to brush his teeth :) That may change after a few tantrums and biting but for now I am looking forward to it.