Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our summer so far

We are loving our time here in Henderson and all the time with the Trout family!

Brandon is really enjoying his internship. He's getting lots of awesome experience and they are keeping him very! Every Friday he gets taken to lunch, donuts in the mornings, and casual dress :) 

Jackson and I are trying to stay as busy as Brandon :) 

Here are some pictures of our summer doings....

Falling asleep in the carseat after swim lessons

Freshly painted neon colored toe nails

Free smoothies at Tropical Smoothie on National flip flop day :) Um... yes please! Jackson loved it too! He took sips from everyone's cups and then wanted his own. 

Happy 1st birthday Jackson! Lots more pictures to come from his party and his birthday. He really got into the whole cake thing :) 

Peek a boo! He's just too cute, I love this little dude!

So we've definitely been enjoying our summer. I have lots more pictures I need to post. Pictures of our garden, pictures of the splash pad, and pictures of his birthday and pictures of our trip to Boulder City. 
Coming soon