Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brandon's Graduation

Oh what a fabulous weekend! I didn't get enough pictures but I am getting better! We bought a new camera as Brandon's grad present so that should help : )

Both of Brandon's ceremonies were awesome and all the talks were so inspiring. I might have cried a little bit when Brandon stood up during commencement, when he walked across the stage during convocation, when his name was called, and when all the spouses where asked to stand up and he blew a kiss to me. Ok so maybe between all of that I cried a lot I am such a sap I guess! I am so proud of Brandon and all his hard work! He is happy and relieved to be done with school, at least for a little bit : )

The best part of the weekend was all the family time! We had dinner with Brandon's family on Thursday night, dinner with both the families on Friday night and then a BBQ for friends and family on Saturday! I love the combination of great food and great company!

The Trout's left on Saturday afternoon, *sad* but my family stayed until Sunday and we got to spend some more time together dress shopping for Meg, watching "the twins" (JT and Kasaundra's sweet little babies. I say twins as if they are the ONLY twins ever : ), having a sleep over with Meg and Emma, and playing Rock Band.

The whole weekend was so great and we both felt like it wasn't long enough! We are excited for the start of summer though and have lots of planned.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to Nashville and Vanderbilt Law

We just got back from our fun little trip to Nashville this week and coming home was a total let down! For starters the weather in Nashville was GORGEOUS the whole time we were there and we came home to a slushy wet Salt Lake. Not to mention all the flowers and trees that are in full bloom this time of year in Tennessee and not here in deserty Utah. But we had so much fun with Katie, David, Brayden, and Carter that we just weren't ready to head home! They have a beautiful home and are such wonderful siblings and friends! David was on spring break while we were there so it was nice to get to see him, and they got their wood floor finished! And you know how I love a good project, even when it's not my own!

The best part of the trip was....We decided we are moving there! Yay!
We toured Vanderbilt, affectionately called Vandy by students and locals, (hey that'll be us!) We both loved Nashville and Brandon really likes the school. It's a beautiful campus (it's actually a tree sanctuary, who know?!), very friendly town, and a highly ranked law school (top 20 : ), and Brandon got a scholarship there (forgive the bragging for a minute, I'm just SO proud of him!), also I am dying to live that close to my sister! So we were pretty sold as soon as we got there.

I love this picture with all the tulips!
I am in love with all the old buildings! The architecture is just stunning!
This picture really captures how many trees there really are and how green it actually is!

We are so excited for this new chapter in our lives! We are sad to leave Provo but also really excited about all the new things coming up!
Wish us luck : )

Monday, April 5, 2010

One big update!

Alright friends here is a quick update of all the things I have been meaning to blog about lately and just haven't done. This way the next time I think about posting something I won't just add it to my list but actually post it! Get ready for a long post....

Sorry there aren't pictures, I promise I will add them soon! We are trying to buy a new camera so that should help.

Brandon and I are heading to Nashville TN this week for a quick trip to tour Vanderbilt and look around for housing. We still have not completely decided on Vanderbilt for law school but we feel really good about it and are excited to visit! We are still waiting to hear from a few schools, but so far Brandon has been "wait listed" at Duke, University of Virginia, UCLA, and Boston University. We will be staying with my sister Katie and her wonderful family, who live just outside Nashville (hence why I want to move there : ) and we can't wait to see them! We'll be sure to take lots of pictures and update ya when we get back!

I have been working on lots of projects around the house! I always want our house to feel like a home no matter how small or where it's at. We sanded down and painted a little sewing machine table for the hall way, an end table for the living room, the entertainment center, (which we built out of a table. We loved the way it turned out), our nightstands, and dresser. Whew! It's a ton of work but definitely worth it. I also have been rearranging our picture wall, "redecorating" the kitchen in reds and yellows, organizing the office/craft room, and finishing up the living room and master bedroom. I think the only room that hasn't been a constant project since we moved in is the bathroom : ) I'm always saying, "I just can't wait to finish up all these projects! " And then Brandon always says something along the lines of, "No you don't, you love always having projects." And he is right, I love all of our projects and am constantly coming up with new ones as soon as our list starts to look a little too short for me.

I am also trying to do some work in the yard and some gardening. The yard here isn't our responsibility because the landlord takes care of it but I want it to feel nice and summery, suited for a BBQ or party so it's been getting its fair share of attention. I was hoping for vegetable garden but because of our moving schedule this summer I decided it wouldn't be worth the effort, so maybe next year, sight.... But I did decide to plant some flowers in pots and a small existing flower bed, (that needed and still needs LOTS of work!). I picked a color pallet of orangey yellows, reds, corals, and soft pinks. I am planting English daisies, regular white daisies, Iceland poppies and pansies.
As they say in You've Got Mail, "Aren't daisies just the happiest little flowers?" And I would have to agree.

I have been working as a nanny and love it! I watch two little boys named Thomas and Ethan and absolutely adore them! We have a blast playing and try to stay busy doing lots of fun things. They love to color, play outside, ride bikes, color with chalk, play with bubbles, pretend to be super heroes, and make messes! Some days I feel like all they do is sit in timeouts, pick on each other, and get told not to do things they already know they shouldn't do. But at the end of the day they still make my heart melt with hugs, kisses, and "I love you Nana."

Brandon is graduating this month! I can't believe it is here already! He has worked hard and is excited to be done with school for awhile before we head off on our law school adventure. I am busily planning his graduation BBQ : ) We have lots of family coming into town for the celebration and can't wait to see them!

TL;DR We have been busy with lots of projects around the house, I'm working as a nanny, and Brandon is graduating : )