Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brandon's Graduation

Oh what a fabulous weekend! I didn't get enough pictures but I am getting better! We bought a new camera as Brandon's grad present so that should help : )

Both of Brandon's ceremonies were awesome and all the talks were so inspiring. I might have cried a little bit when Brandon stood up during commencement, when he walked across the stage during convocation, when his name was called, and when all the spouses where asked to stand up and he blew a kiss to me. Ok so maybe between all of that I cried a lot I am such a sap I guess! I am so proud of Brandon and all his hard work! He is happy and relieved to be done with school, at least for a little bit : )

The best part of the weekend was all the family time! We had dinner with Brandon's family on Thursday night, dinner with both the families on Friday night and then a BBQ for friends and family on Saturday! I love the combination of great food and great company!

The Trout's left on Saturday afternoon, *sad* but my family stayed until Sunday and we got to spend some more time together dress shopping for Meg, watching "the twins" (JT and Kasaundra's sweet little babies. I say twins as if they are the ONLY twins ever : ), having a sleep over with Meg and Emma, and playing Rock Band.

The whole weekend was so great and we both felt like it wasn't long enough! We are excited for the start of summer though and have lots of planned.


  1. that was an awesome weekend. You two sure know how to party :) Congrats to Brandon again!

  2. Hi Annastscia! Hmmm...you asked about ideas for kids.....give them disposable cameras and have them take pics, have them make little pages to insert later into a scrapbook (could be a 4 x 6 one from the dollar store), tissue paper flowers, decorate cookies (kids love this one! :) ), make simple necklaces or bracelets or both with beads from $ store, buy a Martha Stewart craft at Michael's (pre=kitted usually), decorate picture frames, make fancy clips for their hair with tacky glue or a glue gun and buttons and trim...that's all from the top of my head...If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Have fun!!!