Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Pictures August 2011

A few weeks ago we had our super talented friend Christy take some family pictures for us. I wanted them to be meaningful of this time in our life so we headed up to the Vanderbilt campus to snap some pics. They turned out super gorgeous and I am so happy with them! Jackson is usually in the most smiley mood early in the morning so we headed out around 6:45am hoping to get some adorable shots. Well we did get some adorable shots, but not many smiling, what a little stinker :) 

These are some of my favorites, enjoy!

I love his face in this one!
But then he caved and broke out the smile :) 

This one totally makes me laugh! I can hear him saying "Mom, not in front of the camera, that's embarrassing!"

Since these pictures I've cut about 10 inches off my hair, so pictures to come. 


  1. These all look so great! And you look amazing. Also, I meant to tell you before we left that I love your hair cut.

  2. Aw, such cute pictures! I can't wait until the reunion and we can see Jackson! I was going to say that your hair is so long. Also, you look so skinny! You look great.

  3. what a sweet sweet baby. You guys look great.

    (found your blog through jessicas', I babysat the trout family F O R E V E R !)...dont freak out that im some stalker...:)