Monday, February 1, 2010

The Wedding

Wow, where to start? What a wonderful day it was! It was the most gorgeous day full of the most beautiful moments. Everything was perfect. Not in a flawless kind of way, but perfect anyways.

Like any bride I was up at 4am unable to sleep and full of excitement. I drove to the temple with my parents, we just chit chatted. I don't think we talked about anything important but I remember feeling that those moments would be some of my last quite and alone ones with my mom and dad for the rest of my life.

Like any good groom : ) Brandon was waiting for me outside. He looked absolutely wonderful, so handsome!

What followed as we went inside the temple and then to the sealing room were the most beautiful and precious moments of my life. They were the start of our life together and of an eternity of love.

After the sealing we took lots and lots of pictures and enjoyed a fantastic luncheon at Olive Garden (my favorite restaurant!). The reception was up in Fort Collins and it was stunning! I can thank my mom and sisters for that! So, thank you Mom, Beth, Katie, and Meg! We had a dessert bar, which was perfectly fitting for me considering my love of chocolate and dessert as a meal. Brandon and I didn't get to eat very much, but we had plenty of time to visit with family and friends and to dance.

One of the only things I had ever actually pictured for our reception was our "send off". I wanted a lit walk way as left and absolutely NOTHING tacky about the decorations of our car! I had to beg my brother to work with me on that one, but he came through : )

We left for our honeymoon to Hawaii the next morning!

"Real love stories never have endings."


  1. I love all the pictures from your wedding! You guys are such a cute couple and I love how the colors turned out. Thanks for having us over on Sunday, so much fun! Next time I think we should gang up against Brandon and Sheldon so neither of them win!

  2. awww, such a cute couple you two are! I love the last picture! I'm partial to black and white photos. :)