Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day

So, this Valentine's day was mine and Brandon's first together. We (alright me : ) wanted to make it really special and romantic for that reason. However, we ran into a few problems. The first being that the big V day was on Sunday. The second being that Brandon is so absolutely wonderful and thoughtful to me ALL the time that neither one of us could really come up with anything that was out of the ordinary to celebrate. The third, was that Brandon's idea of romantic is not really the cliche version of it, and neither is mine for that matter. So, we did our best putting together a super fun Valentine's weekend and had a great time!

Friday February 12th:

-Girls night for me with my awesome sister in law Lauren, including cookies and "You've Got Mail".

-Boys night for Brandon playing Left 4 Dead with some guys he'd never met and a work friend. (Aren't I the best wife ever?!)

Saturday February 13th

Slept in until noon and then went to all you can eat sushi (my favorite!) at Sushi Ya. It was fantastic and we both left stuffed!

Then we got all dressed up and met some friends at Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I opted for a dessert only meal : ) After that we headed to a stake dance, which was worth going to just to see all the married men who know longer care what other girls think of them dancing like complete dorks! My darling husband included : ) We finished off the night by watching a happy medium chick flick, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days".

Sunday February 14th

Just spent the day enjoying each other's company and playing Scrabble. I made garlic shrimp with rice for dinner and an extremely rich and chocolatey cheesecake, which is Brandon's favorite dessert.

It was a great weekend. Then last but not least Brandon gave me the most funny and wonderful Valentine. It was these two funny little monster looking things giving each other pounded fists and it said, " We make an awesome team Valentine!", and I laughed out loud at Brandon's wonderful personality and sense of humor, and I realized how much that little Valentine meant to me. We do make an awesome team.

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  1. What a sweet Valentine's weekend! I LOVE that first pic of you guys..way cute!! Next time you make that cheesecake, can I have a slice?? Hehe, I never make cheesecake anymore but I'm dying to have some! :o)