Friday, March 12, 2010


Brandon and I love playing games! But our most favorite game is Scrabble! We both have an app for it on our phones so we can basically play back and forth constantly. After Brandon has played and it's my turn my phone sends me a little notification and vice versa. Some of the places we have played are in bed, during a movie, at school, at work, in the car, and yes.... at church. That one I'm a little ashamed of, but we do give each other bonus points for gospel related words.

Anyways, I'm not posting just to tell you that Brandon and I are dorks and love playing Scrabble, but more to tell you how dang good I am at it! Now Brandon is extremely smart and has been known to win from time to time, (I won the last 5 of 7 games, but who's counting?) But last game we played, I played a word for 102 points! To put that into perspective my average score is between 300 and 400 points. Needless to say I was practically jumping up and down due to my genius. I played a J for 10 points on a triple later A for 1 point, D for 2, E for 1 and all of that beautiful, wonderful word landed on a triple word!
I think this was my most brilliant scrabble moments.


  1. Impressive!! That sure beats my best single word score! Time for a rematch between the two of us :o)

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my blog! That warms my heart!
    I too LOVE scrabble. I used to play for hours a day online, but since I started blogging, I can't find the time to play. My blog keeps me very busy.
    congrats on the great word! I used to do screen captures of my best plays too. :)
    take care,